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Rex Khamira Marwareed 60 GM | Best for Palpitation

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Rex Khamira Marwareed is an exceptional Unani medicine and tonic designed to address neurological and cardiac concerns.

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Rex Khamira Marwareed is an exceptional Unani medicine and tonic designed to address neurological and cardiac concerns. This article provides a comprehensive overview, including its benefits, ingredients, dosage, and precautions.

Benefits of Rex Khamira Marwareed:

1. Cardiac Weakness: Rex Khamira Marwareed is a potent tonic for strengthening heart muscles and combating cardiac weakness.

2. Preventing Heart Attack: It serves as a preventive measure against heart attacks, offering cardiovascular support.

3. Heart Palpitation: For individuals experiencing heart palpitations, Rex Khamira Marwareed provides relief.

4. Increased Heart Rate: Regulating heart rate proves effective in managing increased heart rates.

5. Restlessness: The tonic helps alleviate restlessness, promoting a sense of calmness.

6. Vertigo/Reeling Sensation: Individuals experiencing vertigo or a reeling sensation can find relief with this Unani medicine.

7. General Debility or Weakness: Rex Khamira Marwared is a go-to solution for reducing general debility and weakness.

8. Convulsions: It aids in minimizing the occurrence of convulsions, contributing to overall well-being.

9. Chicken Pox and Measles: In cases of chickenpox and measles, the tonic reduces symptoms and shields the heart from harmful effects.

10. Mental Stress and Fatigue: Effective in treating mental stress and fatigue, promoting mental well-being.

11. Insomnia: For insomnia linked to increased body heat, Rex Khamira Marwared offers a natural remedy.

12. Hot Flashes: It helps manage hot flashes, providing relief from discomfort.

13. Adrenal Fatigue: The tonic addresses adrenal fatigue, restoring vitality and energy levels.

Ingredients of Rex Khamira Marwareed:

The formulation of Rex Khamira Marwared includes a blend of natural ingredients known for their therapeutic properties:

1. Marwareed (Pearl)/ Mytilus margaritiferus Khamira Marwareed

2. Kehruba – Vateria Indica

3. Tabasheer – Bambusa Arundinacea (Dried Exudates)

4. Yashab Mehlool – Jade

5. Jahar Mohra – Serpentine

6. Chandan Safed – Santalum Album

7. Sharbat Anar (Aabe Anar Shirin)

8. Sharbat Behi (Aabe Behi Shirin)

9. Sharbat Seb (Aabe Seb Shirin)

10. Warq Nuqra (Silver Foil)

11. Sugar (Qand Safed)

Dosage of Rex Khamira Marwareed:

Tailored for different age groups, the recommended dosage ensures optimal benefits:

– Children: 1 to 2 grams

– Adults: 3 to 5 grams

– Doses: 1 or 2 per day

– Best Time to Take: On an empty stomach in the morning or before breakfast and 2 to 3 hours before dinner.

– Adjuvant: Arq Gaozaban (125 ml) is the recommended adjuvant.

Precautions of Rex Khamira Marwareed:

While generally safe, certain precautions must be observed:

– Rex Khamira Marwared is safe under the supervision of a Unani physician.

– Caution is advised for pregnant women due to the presence of unprocessed silver foil (Warq Nuqra).

– High silver levels during pregnancy may impact fetal development.

Terms and Conditions:

It is assumed that consumers have consulted a physician before use, emphasizing responsible medication practices.


1. Is Rex Khamira Marwareed suitable for children with heart issues?

Rex Khamira Marwareed is formulated for children, providing 1 to 2 grams per day to address cardiac concerns effectively.

2. Can pregnant women consume Rex Khamira Marwareed?

It is not recommended for pregnant women due to the presence of unprocessed silver foil, which may impact fetal development.

3. What is the best time to take Rex Khamira Marwareed?

For optimal results, take the tonic on an empty stomach in the morning or before breakfast and in the evening, 2 to 3 hours before dinner.

4. Are the ingredients safe for lactating mothers?

Most ingredients are considered safe for lactating mothers, but it is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional.

5. Can Rex Khamira Marwareed be taken without a Unani physician's supervision?

While generally safe, it is recommended to take Rex Khamira Marwareed under the supervision of a Unani physician.

6. How does Rex Khamira Marwareed help with mental stress and fatigue?

The tonic contains ingredients known for their nervine-strengthening properties, aiding in the management of mental stress and fatigue.


In conclusion, Rex Khamira Marwared stands as a versatile Unani tonic, offering holistic support for neurological and cardiac well-being. By understanding its indications, ingredients, and precautions, individuals can make informed decisions about its usage. Always prioritize consultation with a healthcare professional for personalized advice.

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