Sadar Mughalliz Jawahari Sugar Free – 125 gm.

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Explore the benefits of Sadar Mughalliz Jawahari Sugar Free, a unique Unani preparation addressing male health issues. 

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Sadar Mughalliz Jawahari Sugar Free – 125 gm. :

Explore the benefits of Sadar Mughalliz Jawahari Sugar Free, a unique Unani preparation addressing male health issues. Learn about its indications, ingredients, dosage, and precautions. Discover how it may restore energy, improve vitality, and enhance physical strength and stamina in men.


May help to restore energy & improves vitality, physical strength & stamina in men:


Sadar Mughalliz Jawahiri Sugar Free is an unparalleled Unani formulation tailored to address male health concerns. Crafted by Sadar Dawakhana Majun, this remedy is specifically designed to combat issues like hydrospermia while enhancing the quality and quantity of semen. It plays a crucial role in natural retention post-problem resolution and aids in alleviating hypersensitivity of nerves.


## About Mughalliz Jawahiri(Sugar Free)

Unveiling the uniqueness of Sadar Dawakhana Majun Mughalliz Jawahiri, this Unani preparation stands out as a comprehensive solution for various male problems. Its potential extends to addressing hydrospermia and contributing to the improvement of semen quality and quantity. Furthermore, it aids in the natural retention process post-problem resolution and exhibits efficacy in managing hypersensitivity of nerves.


## Indications of Mughalliz Jawahiri(Sugar Free)

1. **Improvement of General Weakness:** Mughalliz Jawahiri is formulated to enhance overall physical strength and combat weakness effectively.

2. **Premature Ejaculation:** This remedy addresses concerns related to premature ejaculation, promoting better sexual health.

3. **Erectile Dysfunction:** Individuals experiencing erectile dysfunction may find relief with the regular use of Mughalliz Jawahiri.

4. **Oligospermia:** The formulation aids in managing oligospermia, a condition characterized by a low sperm count.

5. **Hydrospermia and Nocturnal Emission:** It is beneficial in addressing hydrospermia and managing nocturnal emissions.


## Ingredients of Mughalliz Jawahiri(Sugar Free)

1. **Asl-us-Soos Muqashshar (Glycyrrhiza Glabra):** Known for its therapeutic properties, it contributes to the overall efficacy of the formulation.

2. **Tukhm Sudab (Euphorbia Lathyris):** This ingredient plays a role in addressing male health issues, promoting vitality.

3. **Tukhm Sambhaloo:** A vital component contributing to the formulation’s effectiveness in enhancing stamina.

4. **Tukhm Kahu Muqashshar (Lactuca Sativa):** Known for its positive impact on male health, promoting strength.

5. **Gulnar (Punica Granatum):** This ingredient supports the improvement of semen quality.

6. **Gul Surkh (Rosa Damascene):** With its therapeutic properties, it aids in managing male health concerns.

7. **Sadaf Mehlool, Zamurrud Mehlool, Yaqoot Mehlool, Yashab Mehlool:** Precious gems and pearls contribute to the overall efficacy of the formulation.

8. **Kushta Qalai:** Known for its benefits in addressing male health issues.

9. **Shakar Safaid (Saccharum Officinarum):** Adds sweetness to the formulation while contributing to its effectiveness.

10. **Sat Leemun:** Known for its positive impact on vitality and overall health.

11. **Warq Nuqra:** An essential component contributing to the formulation’s overall efficacy.


## Dosage of Mughalliz Jawahir(Sugar Free)

To experience the maximum benefits, Mughalliz Jawahiri(Sugar Free) should be taken in precise doses. A recommended dosage is 5 to 10 grams twice a day or as directed by a physician.


## Precautions of Mughalliz Jawahir(Sugar Free)

1. **Avoid Self-Medication:** It is strongly advised against self-medication of this formulation without professional guidance.

2. **Beware of Over-Dosage:** Over-dosage may lead to adverse effects, emphasizing the importance of following prescribed doses.

3. **Precise Dosing and Duration:** Take this medicine in the prescribed dose and for a limited period, as advised by a healthcare professional.

4. **Keep Away from Children’s Reach:** Ensure the product is stored securely away from children to prevent unintended consumption.


# FAQs about Sadar Mughalliz Jawahari Sugar Free


**Q: Can Sadar Mughalliz Jawahiri Sugar Free be used for general weakness?**

Yes, Majun Mughalliz Jawahiri is specifically formulated to address general weakness, promoting overall physical strength and well-being.


**Q: Is it suitable for individuals with premature ejaculation issues?**

Absolutely, this formulation is designed to help individuals struggling with premature ejaculation, contributing to improved sexual health.


**Q: How does Mughalliz Jawahiri(Sugar Free) assist in managing erectile dysfunction?**

The unique blend of ingredients in Mughalliz Jawahiri works synergistically to address erectile dysfunction, enhancing male sexual performance.


**Q: Can it be taken without a prescription?**

No, self-medication is not advised. It’s crucial to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any regimen with Mughalliz Jawahiri.


**Q: Is there a risk of over-dosage?**

Yes, over-dosage may lead to adverse effects. It’s imperative to adhere to the prescribed doses recommended by a healthcare provider.


**Q: Are there any age restrictions for using Mughalliz Jawahiri(Sugar Free)?**

While generally safe for adults, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional to determine the suitability based on individual health conditions.


# Conclusion

In conclusion, Sadar Mughalliz Jawahari Sugar Free emerges as a holistic solution for various male health issues. From addressing general weakness to managing concerns like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, this Unani preparation stands out for its effectiveness. The carefully curated blend of natural ingredients underscores its potential, offering a promising approach to enhancing vitality and stamina in men.


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