Zulfi Hair Oil

Zulfi Hair Oil | Ensures Dark Long & silky Hair

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New Shama Zulfi Hair Oil Useful in premature greying, hair fall, and dandruff and also strengthen hair roots.

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New Shama Zulfi Hair Oil:

New Shama Zulfi Hair Oil is a powerful herbal medicated hair elixir designed to combat hair fall disorders and address scalp problems effectively.

Enriched with natural ingredients, It provides essential nutrition to the roots of your hair, creating a protective shield against diseases. Elevate your hair care routine with Zulfi Oil to maintain dark, long, silky, and vibrant tresses.

New Shama Zulfi Hair Oil Benefits:

1. Herbal Medicated Hair Oil:

Zulfi Oil is a testament to the potency of herbal medicine. Crafted with a blend of traditional ingredients, this medicated oil brings together the best of nature to combat common hair issues.


2. Combat Hair Fall and Scalp Problems:

Bid farewell to hair fall and scalp problems with the targeted formulation of Zulfi Oil. It penetrates deep into the roots, providing the necessary nutrients and creating a protective barrier against disorders.


3. Dark, Long, Silky, and Vibrant Hair:

Zulfi Oil isn’t just about addressing problems – it’s about enhancing the beauty of your hair. Regular use ensures your hair remains dark, long, silky, and vibrant, reflecting overall health and vitality.


4. Delay Hair Greying:

Embrace the natural ageing process gracefully with Zulfi Oil. It aids in delaying the onset of hair greying, allowing you to maintain your natural hair colour for a more extended period.


5. Rich Hair Growth:

Experience the joy of rich hair growth as Zulfi Oil stimulates hair follicles, promoting the growth of strong, healthy, and voluminous hair strands.


6. Thickness at the Roots:

Witness the transformative effects of Zulfi Oil as it not only makes your hair silky and long but also adds thickness to the roots. Enjoy the confidence that comes with a full and luxurious mane.


New Shama Zulfi Hair Oil Ingredients:

Zulfi Oil boasts a rich blend of herbal ingredients renowned for their effectiveness in promoting hair health. Key components include Berge Hina, Amla, Post Reetha, Dal Urad, Tukhme Hulba, Post Neem, Sumbulutteeb, Tukhme Panwar, Sajji Khar, Roghan Tulsi, Roghan Gandum, and Aab-e-Maghze Gheekwar.

Directions for Use:

For optimal results, gently rub Zulfi Oil onto your scalp and hair at night. Allow the nourishing properties to work overnight, and rinse thoroughly the next morning. Incorporate this into your nightly routine for maximum effectiveness.


To ensure the safety and efficacy of Zulfi Oil, please adhere to the following precautions:

– Keep the product out of children’s reach.

– Avoid self-medication; consult a physician before use.

– Store in a dry and cool place.

– Ensure the medicine cap is tightly closed after each use.

– Retain the original package and container for product integrity.

Terms and Conditions:

Prior consultation with a physician is assumed before purchasing this medicine. Self-medication is strongly discouraged. Store the product in its original packaging and container to maintain its potency.


Transform your hair care routine with the natural goodness of New Shama Zulfi Oil. Say goodbye to hair fall and hello to dark, long, silky, and vibrant locks!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q1: How often should Zulfi Hair Oil be applied?

Zulfi Hair Oil is recommended for nightly application. Gently rub it onto your scalp and hair, allowing the nourishing properties to work overnight for optimal results.

Q2: Can Zulfi Hair Oil be used on all hair types?

Yes, Zulfi Hair Oil is suitable for all hair types. Its herbal formulation caters to the diverse needs of different hair textures.

Q3: Is Zulfi Hair Oil safe for children?

Zulfi Hair Oil is formulated by Herbal Ingredients therefor it is safe for child also.

Q4: Can Zulfi Hair Oil be used during pregnancy?

Pregnant women are advised to consult their healthcare provider before using any new hair care product, including Zulfi Hair Oil, to ensure safety for both mother and baby.

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