Hamdard Majun Arad Khurma 300 gm | Best for Men’s Vitality

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Majun Arad Khurma is this formulation is tailored to amplify sperm count, enhance sperm quality, and alleviate a range of men’s health issues.

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Majun Arad Khurma by Hamdard Enhancing Men’s Vitality Naturally: (300 gm):

Majun Arad Khurma, a renowned Unani remedy, is designed to address various men’s health concerns. Harnessing the therapeutic potency of dates and a blend of seeds and herbs, this formulation is tailored to amplify sperm count, enhance sperm quality, and alleviate a range of men’s health issues.

Hamdard Majun Arad Khurma Best 1 for Men's Vitality

Benefits of Majun Arad Khurma:

1. Low Sperm Count: In a world characterized by unhealthy dietary habits and lifestyle choices, male infertility has surged. Majun Arad Khurma counters this by bolstering sperm production and enhancing motility and quality, combatting the roots of impotence.

2. Men’s Health Issues: Aids in rekindling lost sexual desire, serving as a natural aphrodisiac. It’s a dependable aid for treating erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, elevating physical performance and intimacy.

3. Digestive Relief: Offers digestive support by improving digestion, easing bowel movements, and relieving constipation, flatulence, and malnutrition-related concerns.
4. Cobatting Weakness: Infused with nutrients, Majun Arad Khurma fortifies the body, addressing issues of debility, exhaustion, fatigue, and muscular weakness in men.

Majun Arad Khurma Ingredients:

Certainly, here are the benefits of the mentioned ingredients, particularly in the context of sexual health:

1. Nutmeg (Jaiphal): Nutmeg is believed to have aphrodisiac properties and can help improve libido. It also aids in relaxing blood vessels, which can contribute to enhanced blood flow to the genital area, promoting better sexual function.

2. Mace (Bisbasa): Mace, derived from the same plant as nutmeg, is known for its potential to enhance sexual desire and performance. It may help in addressing issues like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

3. Cloves (Qaranfal): Cloves are known to have stimulating properties that can improve blood circulation, including to the pelvic region. Improved blood flow is essential for maintaining healthy sexual function.

4. Almonds (Maghze Badam): Almonds are rich in vitamin E, which is crucial for maintaining reproductive health. They may contribute to increased sperm production and motility, thus benefiting male fertility.

5. Cotton Seeds (Maghze Pambadana): Cotton seeds contain essential fatty acids that support hormonal balance. Hormonal equilibrium is important for proper sexual function and fertility.

6. Chilghoza Seeds (Maghze Chilghoza): Chilghoza seeds are a source of zinc, a mineral known for its role in promoting healthy testosterone levels. Balanced testosterone levels are vital for maintaining sexual health and performance.

7. Asparagus (Satawar): Asparagus has been used traditionally as an aphrodisiac. It may help in increasing sexual desire and stamina. Additionally, it’s believed to support overall reproductive health.

8. Acacia Arabica (Samaghe Arabi): Acacia Arabica is thought to have pro-erectile properties and could contribute to improved sexual function, particularly in cases of erectile dysfunction.

9. Hazel Nut (Maghze Funduq): Hazel nuts are a good source of essential fatty acids, which can support hormone production and, subsequently, sexual health.

10. Trapa Bispinosa (Singhara Khushk): Singhara Khushk, or dried water chestnut, is considered to have aphrodisiac effects and may aid in addressing sexual issues by enhancing desire and performance.

11. Date Palm (Arad Khurma): Dates are rich in natural sugars and various vitamins and minerals that can contribute to energy levels and overall vitality, potentially benefiting sexual stamina.

12. Sugar (Qand Safed): White sugar, when consumed in moderation, can provide a quick source of energy. This energy boost can be beneficial for maintaining endurance during sexual activities.

13. Preservatives: Preservatives used in the formulation help maintain the stability and shelf life of the product, ensuring that the ingredients retain their potency and effectiveness over time.

Usage Instructions:

Consume 10 grams of Majun Arad Khurma twice daily, ideally with 250 ml of milk, post meals.

Side Effects of Arad Khurma:

Majun Arad Khurma’s natural composition renders it safe for consumption, with no reported side effects. Instances of mild gastric irritation can be prevented by taking the medication after meals.


– Ensure the product is inaccessible to children.
– Refrain from self-medication; consult a physician.
– Store in a cool, dry place, and securely seal the container after use.
– Keep the medicine in its original packaging.

FAQ. (Frequently Asked Question):

1. Is Majun Arad Khurma suitable for enhancing fertility in men?

Yes, Majun Arad Khurma is designed to improve sperm count and quality, making it beneficial for addressing fertility concerns.

2. Can Majun Arad Khurma help with erectile dysfunction?

Certainly, Majun Arad Khurma aids in treating erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, improving sexual performance.

3. What sets Majun Arad Khurma apart from other remedies?

Its blend of natural ingredients, carefully chosen for their potency, makes Majun Arad Khurma a holistic solution for men's health issues.

4. Are there any age restrictions for consuming Majun Arad Khurma?

While there might not be specific age restrictions, it's advisable to consult a physician before administering it to individuals under 18.


Reviewer A: Arvind Taneja – Agra

A. Majun Arad Khurma has truly revitalised my vigour and vitality. My energy levels are up, and I’ve noticed a positive impact on my sexual performance.

Reviewer B: Saleem Khan – Warangle

A. As someone who struggled with digestive issues, Majun Arad Khurma provided much-needed relief. My digestion has improved, and I no longer suffer from constipation.

Reviewer C: Krishan Kumar – Delhi

A. Majun Arad Khurma’s natural composition put my worries at ease. It’s gentle on the system, and I’ve experienced no adverse effects while using it.

Reviewer D: Abid Ali – Mumbai

A. I’ve tried various supplements, but Majun Arad Khurma stands out. It not only helped with my low sperm count but also enhanced my overall stamina and strength. Truly a game-changer!



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