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Hamdard Habbe Mumsik Tilai distinguishes itself as a natural remedy, utilizing herbal ingredients to address sexual health issues.

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Dehlvi Habbe Mumsik Tilai (5 x 2 Pack) Pills: Revitalizing Vitality and Enhancing Sexual Well-being:

Dehlvi Habbe Mumsik Tilai is a distinguished Unani herbal medication recognized for its aphrodisiac and retentive properties, providing rapid and effective action. This unique formulation is designed to re-energize sexual power, promote youthfulness, and address concerns related to premature discharge. With a focus on natural remedies, this supplement may enhance sexual vigour, increase retention periods, and contribute to overall reproductive health.

Benefits of Dehlvi Habbe Mumsik Tilai:

1. Prolonged Sexual Act Duration: Habbe-Mumsik-Tilai is indicated for prolonging the duration of the sexual act, contributing to a more satisfying experience.

2. Aphrodisiac Action and Increased Libido: This herbal formulation has aphrodisiac properties, potentially enhancing libido and promoting a healthy sexual appetite.

3. Retention of Seminal Discharge: One of the key indications is its ability to help in retaining seminal discharge, addressing concerns related to premature ejaculation.

4. Natural Remedy: Habbe-Mumsik-Tilai distinguishes itself as a natural remedy, utilizing herbal ingredients to address sexual health issues.

5. Increase in Vitality: Regular use may contribute to an increase in vitality, promoting overall well-being and energy levels.

6. Enhanced Retentive Power: The supplement is formulated to enhance retentive power, providing control over ejaculation and improving overall sexual performance.

7. Strengthening Nerves and Male Reproductive Organs: With ingredients targeting nerve strength and reproductive health, this formulation aims to strengthen the male reproductive organs.

Ingredients of Habbe Mumsik Tilai:

The effectiveness of Habbe-Mumsik-Tilai can be attributed to its carefully chosen ingredients, each playing a specific role in supporting sexual health.

– Ajwain Khurasani

– Behman Surkh

– Tukhm Khashkhash Safaid

– Tukhm Dhatura Siyah

– Tukhm Kahu

– Jawitri

– Jaiphal

– Salajeet

– Qand Safaid

– Maghz Akhrot

– Maghz Badam Shirin

– Maghz Pista

– Maghz Findaq

– Maghz Kaddu

– Musli Senbhal

– Bhang

– Afeem

– Warq Tila

These ingredients collectively contribute to the aphrodisiac, nerve-strengthening, and retentive properties of the formulation.

How to Use Habbe Mumsik Tilai:

For optimal results, it is recommended to take one tablet of Habbe-Mumsik-Tilai twice a day after the digestion of food. Additionally, it is advised to take the tablet approximately 2 hours before engaging in sexual activity, accompanied by 250 ml of milk.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What is Habbe Mumsik Tilai used for?

- Habbe Mumsik Tilai is an Ayurvedic solution designed to increase vigour, vitality, and stamina. It serves as a nervine tonic, calming nerves and strengthening the male reproductive organ. It is an ideal supplement for maintaining energy, vitality, health, and overall well-being.

2. What are the benefits of Habbe Mumsik Tilai?

- Habbe Mumsik Tilai offers a range of benefits, including increased sexual vigour, prolonged sexual act duration, enhanced libido, and improved retention of seminal discharge. It may also contribute to overall vitality and nerve strength.

3. Are there any side effects of Habbe Mumsik Tilai?

- While individual reactions may vary, Habbe Mumsik Tilai is generally well-tolerated. However, it is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional, especially if there are concerns about allergies or specific health conditions.

4. What are the benefits of using Hamdard Habbe Mumsik Tilai?

- Hamdard Habbe Mumsik Tilai benefits include its aphrodisiac action, increased libido, retention of seminal discharge, natural remedy status, vitality enhancement, improved retentive power, and the strengthening of nerves and male reproductive organs. Regular use may contribute to an overall improvement in sexual well-being.


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